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                                     After Practice

(Cloudsdale) (HG) (7pm)

the Sun is almost about to set all the way down so the moon can come and rise again

The Wonderbolts are praticing for the big show that is coming up and everyday until 7pm or the sun set they all Practice

Spitfire the Capton of the Wonderbolts is leading the squad to do their awesome tricks and stunts, right newt to her is her Lieutenant/Friend/Brother is Soarin

Both Soarin and Spitfire are sittting at the Cloud together watching the Wonderbolts to see if their doing good and going the Right path, with no Mistakes

"Spitfire,I think is time for them to stop for the day" said Soarin

Spitfire look at the sunset to see that is almost time for the day to be over

"your right Soarin" spitfire look at the squad "few more laps and they are done"

"yes Caption" said Soarin

After the squad did their laps, Spitfire blow her whistle 3 times to tell her squad that to finish up and landed at the clouds runway

Spitfire flap her wings to fly up in the sky to the cloud runway but she stop to see her friend is not with her, she look back to see Soarin still sitting at the same Cloud looking the squad that almost done with their laps

Spitfire look at the deration where Soarin is looking, she saw a rainbow mane mare finishing her remainding labs, its Rainbow dash the new recult that join last year, and made it to the Wonderbolt

Spitfire and Soarin have met Rainbow Dash before a bunch of time and she even save their lives and did the Sonic Rainboom at the Best Young Flyer competition and she even show Spitfire to be loytal to her team and Friends

But when Rainbow Dash Join the Wonderbolts last year she and Soarin spent so much time together, after Pratice, or before Pratice, trainig together, heck even in lunch breaks there always together, its like there nothing that will break them apart

Spitfire know that Soarin have developed feelings to the Rainbow Mare, at first he denied it so he can just to hide it but he know he can not hide the feelings towards Spitfire because he know she will find out eventually

Spitfire is not Jealous of Rainbow dash, heck she does not like Soarin like that, she see Soarin as a big brother nothing more, nothing less

Spitfire sigh she remember what Soarin said when she ask him that question, he was afraid to tell her how he feels, and he also afraid that it will happen again like last time

(flash back) (hallways inside of HG)

"am scared okay" said Soarin "am scared that Ranbow Dash does not feel the same way"

"have do you know that" question Spitfire "have you tried telling her"

"no, but" Soarin was cut off by Spitfire Rising her Front left hoof Between him and her stoping Soarin

"then how would you know if you dont try" said Spitfire

Soarin didnt reply he just look down and sigh, his ears fell and once again sigh again

"i dont want my heart to be broken" sadly whisper Soarin "not like last time.... not again"

Spitfire knew what he's talking about, she does not like it to see him like this, it took him years to Recover his broken heart, and after that he never set eyes of another mare again, until Rainbow Dash came along and Join the Wonderbolts, Soarin Starting to feel in love again and he still afraid if Rainbow dash share the same feeling, she will do the same thing like the last mare he dated before

"Soarin" said Spitfire, with the same hoof she put it on Soarin Shoulder, he look at her " give it a try Soarin"

"what if she rejects me" question Soarin

"what if she likes you" Spitfire making a point

"what if Rainbow Dash will do the sa-" but he was cut off by Spitfire

"SOARN" yelled out Spifrie, it took a moment for Spitfire to continue "Rainbow Dash is not like that"

Soarin was about to say something but nothing came out, Spitfire sigh and put her hoove back

"Soarin... that mare that hurt you long ago is not the same as Rainbow Dash" Whisper Spitfire "trust me"

Soarin only nodded his head

"okay, i will see what i can do" said Soarin little more cheerful

"that the spirit Soarin" said Spitfire "now come on we have a meeting to go to"

Soarin nodded his head and together they walk to the hallways towards the meeting

(Flash back over)

but that was 4 months ago and still Soarin have not tell Rainbow Dash how he feels

'poor Soarin' thought Spitfire "hey Soarin are you coming" ask Spitfire

Soarin snap out of his thoughts and nodded his head

"uh... yeah am coming" said Soarin

both leaders of the wonderbolts fly at the runway platefrom where all the other Wonderbolts are waiting for Spitifire and Soarin

"CAPTION ON DECK" yelled out Misty Fly

all the Wonderbolt Saluted using their left wing to reach up to their heads

"at ease everypony" said Spitfire, everyone put their wings back "okay everypony you did a great job in Pratice and i know its Friday"

Some Wonderbolts whisper to one and another but stop when Spitfire blow the whistle

"as i was saying" Spitfire got a little annoyed for being rudly introupted "i know its Friday, and our show is in Monday, so i want all of you to have the weekend off to rest up for monday show"

the Wonderbolts are happy to hear that but calm down when once again Spitfire blow the whistle

"that is all ... Dissmiss" said Spitfire

Everyone went their sepreate ways but Rainbow Dash who she talking to Misty Fly, Soarin look at Rainbow Dash and sigh, Spitfire saw this and put her left wing and touch his shoulder, he look at Spitfire

"this is your time to shine" said Spitfire "dont blow this"

Soarin know what Spitfire want him to do and he hate to say it but it work, when ever Spitfire give the Wonderbolts time or day off, Soarin and Rainbow Dash dont have time to see each other only at Pratice or HG, because Rainbow Dash go to Ponyville to see her friends and Soarin stays at Cloudsdale Since he lives here  

"okay" whisper Soarin

he walk towards Rainbow Dash who she finish talking to Misty fly


After spitfire dissmiss everyone, Rainbow Dash look at Soarin who he had a look that only Rainbow Dash knows..... Sadness

its been like this for a while now and Rainbow Dash is getting worried about him, those two been so close since she became a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash care about him a lot and he was and alwsys be important to her, but Something is wrong with him and she wants to know, Rainbow Dash even ask few weeks ago that what wrong but only reply she got from him is "am okay" or "dont worry about it, its nothing", something is bothering him and she care about him at lot, Rainbow Dash does not like it when he is like this..... sad

She look at Misty fly and thought maybe she know what wrong with Soarin

"hey Misty Fly" called out Rainbow Dash, walking up to her

"hey Rainbow Dash" said Misty fly "what can i do for you"

"i need to ask you something" said Rainbow Dash

"sure go ahead" said Misty fly all ears to listen

"do you know what wrong with Soarin" question Rainbow Dash

"what do you mean" ask Misty fly

"well if you have not noticed, Soarin is not feeling himself lately" said Rainbow Dash "am worried about him"

two mares look at Soarin who he is looking at Spitfire with her wing on her shoulder

'could it be' thought Misty Fly "have you told him"

"i tried but" Rainbow Dash sigh "he just find a way to make an excuse"

Misty Fly look back at Rainbow Dash who she had a worried look on her face, Misty Fly knew that Rainbow Dash have feelings towards Soarin, she found out easly when both Soarin and Rainbow Dash are hanging out a lot

'let see if am right' thought Misty Fly "do you care about him" question Misty fly

Rainbow Dash look at Misty Fly with a confuse look

"of course i care about him" amswered Rainbow Dash "he is important to me"

"do you like him" question Misty Fly

that surpise Rainbow Dash and made her blush like crazy, even with her uniform the blush can see though it

"w-what no i dont" dienied Rainbow Dash blushing little bit more

"dont try to denied it" said Misty fly "you know its true"

"but i-i-i" Rainbow Dash cant fight it or lied to Misty fly, its true Rainbow Dash started to developed feelings Towards Soarin few Months after she join Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash never to interested in romance or relationship she was always to busy doing stunts or pratcing to join the Wonderbolt, but now that done and complete her goal Rainbow Dash thought she had everything that she ever needed, but that when she be came a wonderbolt and started hanging out with Soarin a lot, after few months of being with him and get to know him, Rainbow Dash found out that she his having strong feelings towards Soarin

Rainbow Dash thought it was a small crash that she is having and she was way to cool for that, but the more she hang out with him the more she having these feelings towards Soarin, she hate to say it but she in love with him

Misty Fly put her right wing at Rainbow Dash Shoulder

"its okay to be in love Rainbow Dash" said Misty Fly "its part of life"

"hehe, i guess i cant denied it " sadi Rainbow Dash

Misty smiled "you know Rainbow Dash.... Soarin is quiet the looker and hansome too"
teased Misty Fly

Rainbow Dash blushed and look away hidding the blushed, but she saw Soarin walking towards her

"speaking of Soarin here he comes" said Misty Fly looking at Soarin

Soarin came up to the two mars and of course Misty and Rainbow saluted to Soarin

"at ease you two" said Soarin

both Mare return their wings back

"hello Lieutant Soarin" said Misty

"hello, Staff Sergent Misty" said Soarin

Soarin look at Rainbow Dash and both of them smiled

"good evening Lieutenant Soarin" said Rainbow Dash

"like wise Airmare Rainbow Dash" said Soarin

Both of them did not say a word, but only look at each other, Misty Fly saw this and decided to leave them alone

"okay you two i got things i have to do" said Misty Fly "good bye Lieutenant Soarin and Airmare Rainbow Dash"

both love birds look at Misty fly and them too said their god bye, once they are alone Rainbow Dash and Soarin look back at each other

'this is my chance' thought Soarin 'here we go'

Soarin sigh, he close his eyes and open them again

"Rainbow Dash, i was wondering if you are busy right now" question Soarin

Rainbow Dash nodded her head no

"no, not really" reply Rainbow Dash "but why"

Soarin sigh again "i want you to come with me" said Soarin "there something i want to tell you"

Rainbow Dash does not know what on Soarin mind, but if she has to guess, its must be his mood he had for a while

"sure, let me get out of this uniform" said Rainbow Dash

Soarin nodded his head no

"dont worry about it" said Soarin flaping his wings "its not like where going somewhere

Rainbow Dash nodded her head and both of them fly to the sky, Soarin taking the lead while Rainbow Dash not far behind him

After 30 mintues of flying Soarin took Rainbow Dash to an unknown place that she have not been before, Soarin landed in the middle of the forest follow by Rainbow Dash landed next to him

"where you taking me Soarin" question Rainbow Dash

"its a place that i always go when ever i need time to think" reply Soarin

Soarin walk ahead follow by Rainbow Dash who walk up beside him, both pegasus been walking for a while now and Rainbow Dash just relize that the sun set all the way down and Luna's Moon came out

'Perfect Timing' thought Soarin

Soarin is happy that Luna's Moon is up but Rainbow Dash is still confuse, why is Soarin doing and where is he taking her

After few mintues of walking Soarin came to a stop, and so did Rainbow Dash

"okay Soarin, Enough Guessing games" said Rainbow dash, Soarin look at Rainbow Dash "where are we? where are you taking me"

Soarin just Smiled and look back at the bushes in front of him

"you will about to find out" said Soarin

Rainbow Dash did not say anything but saw Soarin using his front hooves to push the halp brush to the left side

"after you" said Soarin being a gentalcoalt

Rainbow Dash didnt say anything, she just walk pass by the bush enctance, Soarin he follow right behind Rainbow Dash

After few more walks and saw another Bushes blocking the path, Sarin walk up to the bush and push it again to the left side to let Rainbow Dash Pass, Once she passes by the Bushes her eyes wide

"woooow" said Rainbow Dash in awww

Rainbow Dash saw a lake in front of her sparkling like a shiny star, she look around and saw a lot of firefly's flying around the lake and flying near by, funny one Firefly landed on Rainbow Dash's Noise making her giggle

"hey" said Rainbow Dash giggling

Soarin chuckled seeing Rainbow Dash saying and playing with the firefly, but the firefly flyed away she said good bye and look at the sky, its a beautiful night with the full moon and stars shining and twingling at the night sky, Rainbow Dash sat down few feet away from the lake enjoying her surrounding

"i come here when ever i need time for myself" said Soarin

she look at Soarin who he sat right next to her few feet away, both of their tails almost touching one another

"nopony knows about this place" said Soarin softy

"really... nopony" question Rainbow Dash

"nope, nopony" said looking at Rainbow Dash "your the first one that i bring to show you this place"

Rainbow Dash look up in the full moon with shiny twinkling stars

"how do you know about this place" asked Rainbow Dash

Soarin did a big sigh and look at the lake, Rainbow Dash heard him and look at Soarin

"i found the entrance of this place by the bush we pass by twice.... i did not know this wonder beautiful place ever existes.... "he look at Rainbow Dash "so i made this place my private place, so when ever i need time to think i come here" sorain chuckled "am surpise that nobody found this place" but Soarin little happyness fadded away into sadness and look away "i found this place few years ago when...... she-"

Soarin stop himself and sigh, Rainbow Dash saw this she never saw him like this before, he feel hurt, sad like something happen to him

"Soarin" her soft voice made Soarin look at her "what happen... please tell me"
Soarin nodded his head and look back at the lake

"Before i meet you and before you join the wonderbots... i meet a mare pegasus name lighting star" he took a momment to coninue "she was a beautiful mare that i feel in love with .... we talk, we hang out, i took her on dates, we do almost everthing together.... she the same hight as you her mane is light blue, her colt is white and her eyes are light green, i dont know what her cutie mark is but i do know she like to help out little pegasus who want to fly" Soarin look at Rainbow Dash "i ask her to be my special some pony and of course she said yes" Soarin smiled a bit but then his smile didnt last long and went the other way around ... sadness "but after almost 2 years of being together i was about to ask her the most important question that will change our lives forever..... i want ask her hoof in marriage"

Rainbow Dash was shock to hear that, Soarin was going to get married long time ago if that mare said yes, but what happen? that where Rainbow Dash is going to find out

Soarin again look at the lake and sigh "one day before I ever had the chance to ask her in marrage..... she cheated on me with a diffrent colt"

that made Rainbow Dash gasp, the whore of being cheated she feel bad for Soarin, it must of feel bad, wait that not the word for it "heart broken"

"After i cought her cheating..... i told her to leave and i broke up with her" Soarin sigh "she wanted to apologize and she promise she will not do that again.... i did not believe her, i told her to leave me alone and never talk to me again"

Rainbow Dash can not believe this, all this time that she think he know him found out by himself that he use to have a mare he loves so much, but then that mare cheated on him with a diffrent colt

"Soarin, i did not know" said Rainbow Dash "is that the reason you where like this all these times"

Soarin did not reply for a minute

"yes and no" answered Soarin

"yes and no" she repeated Soarin answer

Soarin chuckled a bit and later sigh

"after what she did to me, i didnt want to do with any more mares because I thought if i date a mare they will cheat on me again" Soarin look at Rainbow Dash and smiled "but when I meet you... your diffrent, i dont know how to discrab it but when your with me it feel like i can take on the world, something tell me that you are diffrent from any mares i see or dated"

Rainbow Dash blushed but look away to hide it, like again she know she wearing her uniform but somehow her blush can see though it, but Soarin continue

"there another thing why i was in a diffrent mood" said Soarin

Rainbow Dash look at Soarin but when he look at Rainbow Dash he didnt say anything, he looked at her eyes sparking, the moon light hit rainbow mane making sparkle like a shiny star, Soarin cant keep his eyes off of her, she is so Beautiful

yes he know they just came from practice and they are all sweaty but that did not bother Soarin

Rainbow Dash in the other hoove she cant sop staring at Soarin with his cute hamsome face, nice looking body and awesome mane, she knows that she like him

both pegasus didnt say anything, but they knew what they want but to afarid to make a move, until Soarin made the first move leaning forward, Rainbow Dash saw this and did the same

Both pegasus head are getting closer and closer until both of them can feel each other breath, each of them are blushing madly but they did not know since their eyes are close, finally  Soarin did the final push and press his lips aganst hers into a kiss, Rainbow Dash did not know how to react but she knows it feels good, she lift both her front hooves around Soarin neck while he put his hooves around her wist, their Tails wrap each other enjoying this moment

After they break the kiss so they can breath still both of their forheads connected each other, Soarin was the first one to break the silence

"i love you" whisper Soarin

Rainbow Dash smiled and without thinking she tackle Soarin to the ground, he on his back with Rainbow Dash on top of him kissing him again on the lips but with more Passion

"i love you too" whisper Rainbow Dash After breaking the kiss

Soarin smiled, he is happy that the mare he loves share the same feelings

"i Promise you that am not going to be like that mare who hurt you long time ago" Promise Rainbow Dash, she lay down on top of him puting her head on his chest "i Promise" she whisper on the last part

Soarin smiled and rap his front hooves around her and holder tight and then kiss her Rainbow mane

"i know you do" whisper Soarin "i have complete trust in you"

the next thing he know that Rainbow Dash is softly snoring she fell asleep, Soarin Smiled again and put his head on top of Rainbow Dash

"sweet dreams, My special some pony" whisper Soarin

with that he close his eyes and drifted off to sleep, both of Soarin and Rainbow Dash will always remember this moment and never forget about the great memeorey of how those two confuess their feelings of such a wonderful beautiful place

Full Moon, Shiny sparkling stars, beautiful lake that shines when the moon light hit it, and the dancing flying Firefly's, oh yes these memories  are going to be hard to forget and these wonderful memmories will be in their minds forever

(the end)
ah here I am again doing another one of a Drawing mini story, here we have is Soarin and Rainbow Dash after Practice seem to me that Soarin have a ruff love life and decided to tell Rainbow Dash about it

I love this Drawing so I ask the owner of this Drawing if I can do a mini one shot Story, the owner said yes thank you and I did a pretty good job writing this story

I put my afford into this mini one shot story so please tell me how I did

you can find the drawing here…

and the owner of the drawing is NabbieKitty 

if you have a drawing and want me to do a mini one shot story sent me a note or put a comment section below and I will be happy to do one for you
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LinorMusicbeatPONE Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016
So beautiful!!! good job!!!
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Purrrrfect, but a few grammar errors, but I have grammar errors as well in my fanfiction I write {On wattpad} So, I can't judge you for it. But, I do say; It was a really great story. Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap :clap: Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] Stitch clap plz Joker Clap clap clap Komari Kamikita (Clapping) [V4] Tiger Emoji-03 (Clapping) [V1] Sinon Clapping Icon Sasami Squad C (Clapping) [V11] 
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Thank you am glad you like it

Yeah my grammar is terrible no matter how hard I try
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Thank you my friend
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Your welcome. :)
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Thanks glad you like. It
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