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                               day 1 new life starts

(2 years later)

"is he going to be okay" said one of the red Pikmin

"don’t worry he will pull through" said the leader of the red Pikmin

"its been 2 years now how long do we have to wait" said the red Pikmin " we already lost blue and yellow onion"

"don’t you think i know that" said the leader

"it was a bad idea to spread out once we pull our leader out of the ground" said the red Pikmin

"hey our leader was still unconscious and that Bulborb was coming towards us" said the leader " we had no choice but to leave with our leader and spreading out making making the Bulborb confuse"

"i know but we lost contact with the blue and yellow onion" said the red Pikmin "we don’t know where they are at"

"look once our leader-"but got intruded by red Pikmin

"you mean dad" question red Pikmin

"leader or dad which ever you guys want to call him" said the leader " but anyways once our leader/dad wake up he will help up get everybody together again like last time"

"okay if you say so" said the red Pikmin

"okay good now since we still have daytime i want you to go out with a group and bring back as much stuff as you can to make more Pikmin" said the leader

"what but we are out number we only have 5 Pikmin if you count us that 7 Pikmin total" said the Pikmin

"so our leader had me when he crash here in our planet and then after that he build an army of Pikmin and nobody could stop us" said the leader

"that because we had our dad with us leading us and telling us what we need to do" said the red Pikmin

"fine we will wait until he get up but for the meantime get all of the other Pikmin ready it won’t be long before our leader get up" said the leader

"yes sir" said the red pikmin ‘even though he say that everyday’ thought the red Pikmin with that he went outside the onion and went to get the other Pikmin the red leader look at caption Olimar and sigh

"come on get up you are our only hope" said the red leader few minutes later another red Pikmin not the same one went inside the onion and ran up to his leader

"red leader we have a problem" said the red Pikmin

"what is it" question the red leader looking at the red Pikmin

"5 Dwarf Bulborb found us and they are heading this way" answered the red Pikmin

"WHAT NO WAY" yelled red leader "we have to hold them off" red leader look back at caption Olimar then back at the red Pikmin "he has still not awake yet but still we need to hold them off come on" the red leader said passing by the red Pikmin

"but what about our leader" question red Pikmin the red leader stop

"he will be fine inside the onion but for now we need to hold off the Dwarf Bulborb" said
the red leader the red Pikmin nodded and follow his leader to battle

(Mean while at outside the onion) (the forest of hope)

Outside the onion 5 Pikmin are fighting 5 Dwarf Bulborb one Pikmin is fighting one Dwarf Bulborb since they are five each Pikmin have one Dwarf Bulborb to fight with the red Pikmin and the leader came out of the onion and saw the battle

"this look back" said the red leader looking at the battle field red Pikmin number 3 almost got eating by the Dwarf Bulborb good thing the red Pikmin dodge it "go help red pikmin 3 i will help red pikmin number 1" commanded red Pikmin leader the red Pikmin number 2 nodded and help out red Pikmin number 3

"let do this'"  said the leader with that he ran up to red Pikmin number 1 pass by him and jump up on the Dwarf Bulborb on his back and use his leaf to hit the Dwarf Bulborb making it cry out of pain the red Pikmin number 1 saw his opening and jump on the Dwarf Bulborb face and using his leaf to hit the Dwaf Bulborb eyes balls making cry more in pain the Dwaf Bulborb is shacking the two Pikmin off but they were hanging on for dear life but Dwaf Bulborb did a big shack making the two Pikmin fly off the Dwaf Bulborb back and landing on their backs hard the red leader got up slowly and look around still in pain "oh no" the time in life was going slow motion seeing red Pikmin number 6 get eaten by Dwarf Bulborb the red leader look at red Pikmin number 2 and saw that he also got eaten by the Dwaf Bulborb that he was fighting with 'no it can’t end like this'

the Dwaf Bulborb look at the red leader and was coming this way to eat him the red leader can’t move much because of the pain he from falling down to the ground hard 'its over for me' just when the Dwarf Bulborb reach up to him and going to eat him the red leader heard a whistle that he never heard since 2 years 'that whistle that mean' the red leader look at the onion and saw caption Olimar using his whistle to call of the Pikmin to his side the red leader smiled and with enough strength he role to the left to dodge the Dwaf Bulborb mouth and ran up to caption Olimar side

"alright that five Pikmin total" said caption Olimar counting his Pikmin "that fine by me" he then look back at the Dwaf Bulborb "now let’s finish this" the other Pikmin nodded and caption Olimar grab one Pikmin and throw it up and landed on one of the Dwaf Bulborb killing it automatically caption Olimar throw two more Pikmin in the air and landed on top of the two Dwaf Bulborb now there are 2 Bulborb left

"now everybody charge" commanded caption Olimar all 5 Pikmin including caption Olimar himself charge the two remaining Dwaf Bulborb 5 Pikmin attack the left Dwaf Bulborb and caption Olimar attacked the right Dwaf Bulborb 5 Pikmin killed the Dwaf Bulborb easily after that the 5 red Pikmin help out caption Olimar who having a little trouble after killing the Dwaf Bulborb caption Olimar commanded the Pikmin to pick up their pray back to the onion each Dwaf Bulborb is worth 5 Pikmin so 25 new Pikmin are born

"okay now that is over" said caption Olimar he look up to see the sky is getting dark "we need to get out of here more of those creatures comes" he look around and did Not see his S.S.Dolpin anywhere "where my ship " question caption Olimar the S.S.Dolpin is not near the red onion like it always where "if it’s not here then where is it better yet how am I going to get out of here “then caption Olimar head a unfamiliar voice

"you can ride the red onion" said the red Pikmin leader that made caption Olimar jump a little and look around find that voice

"who said that" question caption Olimar

"its me" answered the red leader Pikmin caption Olimar turn and look down at the red Pikmin leader

"did you say something" question caption Olimar the red leader nodded his head

"yes i have" answered the red Pikmin leader that surprise caption Olimar

"that impossible but h-" but caption Olimar stop and look up in the sky and its getting really dark out "you know what we can talk about this later right now we need to get out of here"

"Yes sir" said the red leader "

“I know you don’t have your ship but if you want you can ride the red onion with us"
caption Olimar nodded he did not have time to think about this so caption Olimar follow the red Pikmin leader caption Olimar saw the red Pikmin leader climbing up the onion so caption Olimar did the same since he saw them do that a lot of times once both of them went inside the red onion took off out into outer space

Day 1 after the fail to take off

I thought that I was dead once I did not collect all the parts I need for my S.S.Dolpin but somehow I manage to live thanks to my Pikmin I don’t know how they did it But thanks to them i am alive ... but now i have another problem where is my S.S.Dolpin I don’t know where it is but I will search it tomorrow... but one thing is stuck in my mind is that the pikmin can talk now once I save them from almost getting eaten by the Dwaf Bulborb and trying to think ‘where is my space ship’ I heard one Pikmin talking to me but how right now I am tired and I need my rest I will find out tomorrow.

end of day 1
hey here it is chapter 1 or should i say day 1 

hope you enjoy this 

look how came back after passing out for 2 years i think its a coma i think i dont know i should of put that there oh well 

look like olimar ship is gone and now he can understand his Pikmin now cool 

i will try my best to put as much chapters/days as i can okay 
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PikminPerson Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
TeamSonicForever4910 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This chapter is pretty good, keep up the great work!  I also think it's cool that Olimar can understand his pikmin. XD
tails208 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
thanks i will try my best to put up the next chapter/day and yeah i had this idea to make Caption Olimar to understand his Pikmin 
TeamSonicForever4910 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Can't wait to see it. :D
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